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artglobe's Journal

Art Globe : Visual Art Around the World
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This is a group for visual artists around the world; of all forms, of all mediums.

Paintings, drawings, digital art, photography and photo based art, mixed media, installation and the list goes on and on. And you can post your art thoughts, images of your studio, your art making process and what ever related to your art. Feel free to use this group and a forum to build constructive dialog between fellow artists. If you have a question or need help feel free to post them here, and it's up to the others to help and answer. So that's about it.

Community Guidelines:

1. Introduce yourself, tell us about you. (your name, your art and other things in life that you wish to share). Let us know if you have a website, online profiles etc.

2. Please limit the number of images per post to 5.

3. Post one image above lj cut and place the rest under.

4. Make comments, critiques and suggestions on other artists works as well. This place is for interaction between artists. This is NOT a one-way journey.

Active participants will receive surprises! That's a promise!

Come join and start posting! Spread the news about this group! Invite your artist friends as well!